Russian Popeye takes to streets looking for love after branding women scammers

A man dubbed "Russian Popeye" has taken to the streets of Moscow in search of "true, true love".

Kirill Tereshin, from Pyatigorsk, earned the moniker after he shot to fame for injecting his biceps with Synthol oil, making them appear unnaturally large.

Now the content creator regularly posts updates about his adventures and most recently took to his YouTube channel to announce he was looking for a new mate.

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"Friends, today I will meet girls. I want to find true true love," he declared in a video titled Looking for true Moscow love and posted to his channel Bazooka Hands yesterday (Tuesday, August 23).

"Basically all the girls I come across are scammers who are trying to deceive me," he added before stating he wanted a "simple one".

Tereshin could then be seen approaching a number of women in the street, showering them with compliments and even propositioning sex.

Many of them chose to ignore him, with several even walking away from him.

However as the video drew to a close there was hope for the star-crossed singleton as he approached one woman on a bench.

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When he asked if she liked his appearance, the woman could be heard responding: "Not really."

But despite the odds, Tereshin managed to work his magic and bag her phone number.

"Well, the video has come to an end and I managed to meet one woman and we exchanged numbers" he said.

"Write in the comments whether I met girls correctly," he continued.

Fans were divided over whether the wannabe Romeo had indeed gone about meeting girls correctly, with one writing: "Great bazooka content. Well done."

Meanwhile another chimed in: "I had a feeling that you were specially suited so badly that you would be rejected. I don't know why, but I think you understand what you're doing wrong."

Despite Tereshin's declarations he doesn't appear to be having much difficulty attracting partners as he recently launched a steamy new career.

In a post from July 18 he was seen posing with three rather attractive ladies. The caption reads: "THURSDAY! Gangbang!!! All the beauties of the world want me.

"The hot stream has already begun, come in."

One of the women from the steamy video, Ksusha, has appeared in Tereshin's posts before, one of which saw him hint the pair may have been planning to tie the knot.

He wrote: "I love Ksusha @ksushechkakkk I’m so glad that she came to me, I’m just crazy, I want to marry her, when we went to bed, I carefully peeped under the covers, but I began to understand better after the wedding, because my mother told me not to have a son, but I I will listen to her, because she is my mother and I believe her more."

It is unclear whether Tereshin and the blonde beauty have decided to go their separate ways or if their apparent love was just a mere publicity stunt.

Either way, it appears the content creator is now on the market – line up ladies.

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