Global Electric Excavator Market on an Uptrend

As the global auto industry heads towards electrified futures the same is happening within the heavy machine industry (off-highway vehicle segment). In 2015, there were only 50 electric heavy industry off-highway vehicles in the market catering for the construction, agricultural and material handing segments. This figure rose by 200 % by 2020 based on the fact that there were 156 in 2020 and since 2020 a dozen models or more were introduced in 2021.

Within the first quarter of 2022, 17 new electric excavator models were introduced by most major heavy machine manufacturers/ The leading drivers behind the ‘the electric excavator race’ among major industry players is driven by the developments in European city centres that have been introducing new regulations that disallows high emission machines and vehicles in line with the growing demand for zero emission and as well as low noise machines.

In response to these current trends within the industry, industry leader Takeuchi launched their latest electric excavator the TB20E. The machine is said to be a solution for urban based projects, night-time construction projects and construction projects that are near hospitals, holy places and schools. It is the first such design (battery-powered) by Takeuchi which is a part of a complete line of electric machinery that are currently under development.

From a performance perspective, the TB20e is similar to the manufacturer’s diesel-powered TB216 compact excavator with the primary difference being that the new machine is battery-powered entirely (zero exhaust emission and low noise).

Weighing at only 4,255 sporting a bucket capacity of 1.34 cubic and a max reach of up to nearly 14 feet (digging depth of nearly 8 feet), the machine was welcome news to industry players. The machine is capable of running for between 4 and 8 hours on full charge depending on the application and environment.

These machines have been channelled into the excavator for hire segment and have become quite popular across the globe. Another manufacturer that is planning to release their electric excavator is Case Construction Equipment that released a teaser promotion of their CX15 EV mini excavator for North American markets set for the year 2023.

The compact excavator weighing approximately 500 KGs is apparently powered by a durable 16-kilowatt-hour electric motor the machine has tracks that are retractable to 31 inches allowing the machine to transport itself through narrow areas.

The near zero swing design of this machine also makes it applicable to perform tasks near other structures and its lightweight makes it perfect for working on landscaped surfaces. According to the manufacturer, the CX15 EV’s battery is unique and durable as it provides sufficient power for an eight-hour operation on a single charge.

CAT, JCB, Kobelco, Komatsu are among the primary leaders within the spectrum of electric machines who are having a hard time keeping ahead of the competition from a horde of smaller industry players who are gradually penetrating the electric vehicle markets.

These manufacturers have no choice but to keep up with market trends in order to meet rising consumer demand for electric mini excavator rentals and also to remain relevant to their respective industries.