Russian forces panic as NATO source claims Ukraine will retake Crimea

Moment a missile strikes a Russian HQ in Crimea

Russian leadership in Crimea is panicking following Ukraine’s precision strike on Moscow’s Black Sea headquarters, a former Ukrainian parliamentary advisor told Daily Express US.

Mykola Volkivskyi claimed that the strike – which Ukraine says killed 34 Russian officers – had sent shockwaves through Russia-backed leadership in Crimea.

Referring to the Ukrainian operation, he said: “[Ukraine] cannot disclose all the details of the special operation called ‘Crab Trap’ that took place in Sevastopol, but it is clear that at the time of the attack, the Russians were holding a meeting of the Russian Navy’s senior staff at this headquarters.

He said the information was passed to Ukraine’s Air Force which carried out the apparently successful attack – video from the scene shows a direct hit by a UK-Franco Storm Shadow missile which leveled part of the structure.

Mr Volkivskyi added: “Panic is now spreading among the occupation authorities in Sevastopol. There is an emergency search for shelters and basements.”

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Reports by Russian sources on social media suggested a lack of operational shelters in the city which is well within range of Ukrainian bombs.

In addition, the success of the operation appears to have inspired confidence among Western military thinkers.

Mr Volkivskyi said: “During a personal conversation with the former commander of NATO’s forces in Europe, I received information that the de-occupation of Crimea is only a matter of time. Ukraine, with the support of its allies, will confidently move in this direction.”

Russia illegally annexed Crimea in 2014 after the Peninsula was invaded by Vladimir Putin’s so-called little green men.

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However, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to retake the territory and Kyiv’s military has upped strikes in the region.

In addition to the devastating attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet headquarters, Sevastopol’s dry dock was damaged in a strike that also crippled a Kilo-class Russian submarine.

In addition, Vladimir Putin’s pet project, the Kerch Strait Bridge, has been targeted numerous times by Ukraine and was severely damaged by what is believed to have been a truck bomb last year.

Now, Ukraine’s systematic targeting of Russia’s air defences in the region appears to have opened up the sky for more Ukrainian strikes.

Kyiv’s forces are likely to continue to put pressure on the peninsula while attempting elsewhere in the country to achieve a major breakthrough in a hard-fought counteroffensive which, if successful, could cut the land bridge to Crimea created by Russia’s invasion.

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