Opinion | What DMX’s Poetry of Death Did for Hip-Hop


If you’ve ever attended a DMX concert, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen him cry. As the adrenaline of the night would cool, the rapper born as Earl Simmons would pray, acting as the intercessor for the holy spirit on behalf of the audience, […]

Opinion | So You Got a Vaccine. Should You Have to Prove it?


Vaccine passports are here, and they could be our ticket to freedom. But they could also create an ethical nightmare. Produced by ‘The Argument’ Strongly held opinions. Open-minded debates. Only occasional yelling. “The Argument” is a weekly ideas show, hosted by Jane Coaston. More than […]

Your Tuesday Briefing


We’re covering record new daily infections in India, and China’s cringe-worthy Xinjiang propaganda musical. India crosses the 100,000-case threshold for daily infections India recorded its highest tally of new coronavirus infections on Monday as officials in the hardest-hit state reimposed lockdowns and warned that hospitals […]

Opinion | What Has the Pro-Life Movement Won?


Donald Trump gave us a Supreme Court that could overturn Roe v. Wade. But the fight against abortion may leave the current G.O.P. behind. Credit…Illustration by The New York Times and Lino Lago. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Supported by By Ross Douthat Opinion Columnist […]

CDP-led consortium finalises sweeter bid for Atlantia unit: sources


FILE PHOTO: The logo of an infrastructure group Atlantia is seen outside their headquarters, in Rome, Italy October 5, 2020. REUTERS/Guglielmo MangiapaneROME (Reuters) – A consortium of investors led by Italian state lender Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) has finalised a sweeter offer for Atlantia’s […]

Opinion | We Can’t End the Pandemic Without Vaccinating Kids


So far, children have mostly been spared from the worst aspects of Covid-19. Let’s keep it that way. By Jeremy Samuel Faust and Angela L. Rasmussen Dr. Faust is a doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Rasmussen is a virologist […]

Opinion | Republican Efforts to Restrict Voting


To the Editor: Re “Georgia Republicans Pass Broad Curbs on Ballot Access” (front page, March 26): A critical pillar of democracy is rule by the majority, which is determined by elections. Republicans have declared war on this aspect of our political system. The Jan. 6 […]

Your Thursday Briefing


Italy’s stymied vaccination rollout Bureaucratic hurdles and logistical problems have undercut vaccination efforts in Italy, preventing older and vulnerable Italians from getting shots, while hundreds of doses of Covid vaccines are at risk of going to waste. Italy has the highest rate of daily deaths […]

Opinion | Home Health Workers in New York


To the Editor: As calls for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation mount amid accusations of sexual misconduct and a workplace hostile to women, let’s remember his history of enabling abusive practices against female workers. Thousands of women of color and immigrants toil as home attendants providing […]