Opinion | Tom Hanks and the History We Need to Learn


To the Editor: Re “We Should All Learn About Tulsa,” by Tom Hanks (Sunday Review, June 6): Having taught American history, first in high school and then in college, for over three decades, I agree with Tom Hanks that schools should teach about the 1921 […]

Opinion | Teaching Students About Racism in America


More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Debate Over Scope of Racism Embroils Schools” (front page, June 2): White historians once taught that Reconstruction and equal legal rights and voting rights for Black people corrupted democracy. Textbooks ignored the Tulsa race massacre and others […]

Opinion | Bibi Is Trump and the Israeli Change Coalition Is Biden


By Thomas L. Friedman Opinion Columnist To understand the political drama playing out in Israel and the tentative formation of a national unity coalition to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, you don’t need to speak Hebrew. You need only to understand one thing: Netanyahu makes […]

Opinion | Barack Obama Isn’t Afraid of Being a Politician


By Ezra Klein Opinion Columnist “My entire politics is premised on the fact that we are these tiny organisms on this little speck floating in the middle of space,” Barack Obama told me, sitting in his office in Washington. Source: Read Full Article