Colorado schools reopening for 2020-21 academic year during coronavirus


Masks, sanitation requirements, social distancing and scheduling changes are all part of the coronavirus-induced new normal that Colorado schools are preparing for when students return this fall. While there are still many details to be solidified about the coming 2020-2021 school year, districts have begun […]

Peter Naylor obituary


My father, Peter Naylor, who has died aged 87 from complications arising from dementia, was well known throughout physics further education circles in south-west England during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Born in Leigh, then part of Lancashire, Peter was the son of Ernest, an […]

School closures ‘will trigger UK child mental health crisis’


Many schoolchildren will need urgent support from psychologists when the lockdown eases because their lives and education will have been so badly disrupted by school closures, experts have warned. With state schools not expected to open fully until September at the earliest, educational psychologists advising […]

Private tutors plan is not the best solution


No wonder teaching unions have “reacted cautiously” to government plans for a year-long national tutoring programme (Government to fund private tutors for English schools, 17 June). It’s clearly yet another example of this government being so out of touch that it has to apply window-dressing […]

Free internet to help poorer pupils study online


Free internet access is being offered for six months to help some disadvantaged youngsters study online. The scheme will provide 10,000 families in England with vouchers for internet access, funded by BT and distributed by the Department for Education. Most primary and secondary pupils are […]

Wales to reopen all schools at one-third capacity at end of month


All schools in Wales will begin to reopen on 29 June with teachers given priority access to Covid-19 antibody tests, the country’s education minister has announced. Kirsty Williams said on Wednesday a phased approach will be used to allow for staggered starts, lessons and breaks, […]