Womans eye removed after cat-caller splatters it with brick for rejecting him

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    A woman whose eye was removed after it was "splattered" by a cat-caller with a brick has called for street harassment to be stopped.

    Nikita Kalubi was traumatised after she was approached by a man in Cape Town, South Africa, while visiting her boyfriend on August 26 of this year. The 25-year-old said the man started whistling at her and made "crude" comments.

    She claims he then started grabbing her, prompting her partner to step in. While the man initially backed off, it wasn't long before he came back and confronted the couple.

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    "I was walking in front of my boyfriend, and I noticed the guy coming towards us," she recalled. "We were just going about our day at this point. His hands were behind his back and we were just having a normal conversation.

    "He obviously had the brick the whole time. He smacked it across my face. It was very, very painful and then I went unconscious."

    Nikita was rushed to hospital, where she was plied with morphine before being given stitches. Sadly doctors said the injury left them with no choice but to remove her left eye, which was severely damaged in the attack.

    Desperate Nikita and her mum, Veronica Kalubi, even sought a second opinion at another hospital, but medical staff there confirmed the eye would have to go.

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    Veronica, 46, said when she saw Nikita it appeared her eye had been "divided in two". Doctors even had to drain out parts of the eye which had escaped the woman's eye socket, sliding behind her ear and into her skull.

    "I opened the eye and saw that the eye was divided into two and the top part was in pieces," Veronica said.

    "They said that the whole eye was splattered into pieces."

    Nikita chimed in: "It was very hard to take in – I was just sitting there like, 'This cannot be happening. I can't believe that in two minutes my life had changed forever."

    Nikita says the assault – which also left her with a broken nose – had an enormous impact on her well-being. She hasn't been able to look at her own reflection since the operation and "cried" when she accidentally caught a glimpse of herself.

    She also said the attack was a complete shock to her as it happened in the middle of the day. She had even encountered her aggressor before without any serious issues.

    "I didn't think he would be bold enough to attack me," she said. "Being attacked wasn't even on my mind."

    Now, Veronica is crowdfunding to help her daughter with her recovery. The money will go towards her medical bills, and Nikita hopes she will be able to get a prosthetic eye.

    Nikita now wants to raise awareness about the street harassment women are subjected to every day. She said: "When you're a young woman, you get so used to [catcalling]. I've been used to it since I was 11.

    "I didn't think it would spiral, because it usually happens on a daily basis."

    A spokesperson for the South African Police Service confirmed an investigation into the attack has been opened. They said: "The circumstances surrounding an assault of a 25-year-old woman are being investigated.

    "The victim was admitted to hospital for treatment while the suspect fled the scene. He is yet to be arrested."

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