Scorned lover spray paints car with furious message and slashes tyres

If you find out your partner is cheating then fury and rage are natural emotions. But this jilted party, from Perth, Australia, has taken their anger to the next level – by scrawling them in spray paint on their lover’s car.

In pictures that have been going viral online, a black car can be seen with the words “cheater” and “wh**e” spray painted across one side in bold white paint, reports the Mirror.

And witnesses say that wasn’t the only damage to the vehicle as its two tyres had also been slashed.

It hasn’t bothered the driver too much though – as they’ve reportedly been driving around the graffitied car for all to see.

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One Reddit user wrote: “When it was first done the two front tyres had been slashed as well. Had to get a mobile tyre van out. I’ve seen the car around. They don’t seem to be too concerned about the free advertising on the side.”

Another said that they “couldn’t believe” the owner of the car was still driving it with harsh words on the side.

One user said they’d have at least attempted to cover up the damage with some black paint to save their blushes.

And this spurned lover is not the only one who has taken spray paint to a car in rage.

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Earlier this year a Peruvian politician’s girlfriend discovered that he had allegedly cheated on her and covered his BMW in graffiti, reports The Daily Mail.

Nicole Portal was caught on video writing graffiti over the car of her councilman husband, Paolo Mesía, after he had reportedly cheated on her.

TikTok footage shows Portal spray painting the front hood of car with: “You love w****. You destroyed your family.”

She also used the red spray can to write “Cheater” and “Liar” across the doors on both sides of the white luxury car.

Mesía is a member of a Popular Renewal conservative party and holds a council seat in the Miraflores city government.

A red Citroen C2 coated in graffiti was also spotted in Camberwell, South London.

White spray paint covered the front, back, sides, and windows of the vehicle with messages including “I’m f***ing Paul’s wife” and “My girlfriend did this”.

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