Eco-mobs pitiful attempt to protest cruise ship as they turn up in paper cutout

Eco-mob Extinction Rebellion protested against the arrival of a mega cruise ship in Ibiza yesterday.

Members of the group turned up to the Port of Ibiza dressed up in a make-shift outfit, resembling a cruise liner. The outfit, appearing more like a children’s craft project, was part of a protest against alleged greenwashing.

They wore long paper hats with tin foil protruding to resemble the cruise chimneys pumping out emissions.

The group claims cruise companies are promoting environmental policies while “polluting more than ever”.

Meanwhile, 11,000 budding tourists from the ship flooded the streets of the party island.

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It comes less than a week after the eco-warriors targeted a superyacht in Ibiza.

Scientists Rebellion, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, painted the superyacht in Barcelona’s Marina Port Vell last Friday, in protest against an “unsustainable lifestyle for the planet”.

They sprayed biodegradable red paint onto the yacht. They claimed the vessel is owned by Nancy Walton, heiress of the family that owns Walmart, before revealing a banner reading: “Billionaires should not exist”.

In a statement, the protest group warned that cruise ships emit huge amounts of gases that are highly polluting and harmful to health.

They also pointed out that cruise ships in Europe emitted a higher amount of sulphur in 2022 than a billion vehicles.

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“Their emissions in Europe in 2022 are equivalent to 50,000 flights between Paris and New York,” they said.

The cruise fleet in Europe soared by 24 percent in 2022, the group claims.

There has been a rise of 32 percent in the number of cruises in Ibiza, they say, over the last year, with 145 ships arriving from April to September.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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