Bloke becomes second ever to eat giant Chicken Parmo bigger than his own head

An infamous food challenge bloke has devoured a giant Parmo bigger than his own head – and has become only the second person in history to do so.

YouTuber Beard Meats Food – also known offline as Adam Moran – is one of the most popular competitive eaters on the video platform. And now the 38-year-old, who has more than 3.4million subscribers, has taken a trip to The Huntsman in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, to take on a horrifying-looking giant Parmo challenge.

The Parmo – which is basically a giant chicken cutlet the size of an average child, breaded, fried, topped with white bechamel sauce and cheese – came with bolognese on top, and a side of two portions of twice-cooked chips, onion rings, coleslaw and salad.

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And if he managed to devour the beast, which originates from Middlesborough, he would get the grub for half price and a spot on the winner's wall alongside the one other person in history who has managed to do it – if you lose, you have to pay the £25 price.

Moran went straight in by demolishing the giant parmo in around nine minutes . . . which then saw him wolf down all the sides, including the biggest onion rings you've ever seen, in another nine minutes. In total, it took the bearded foodie, who comically “fisted” the salad into his mouth in mere seconds, a speedy 18 minutes and 32 seconds to engulf the tray of food.

The four people inside the pub gave him a round of applause, and he was added to the wall of fame.

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And as if that wasn't enough, Moran performed his now-trademark act of asking for the desert menu after the meal, downing a sticky toffee pudding and ice cream after “in honour of my mum . . . who doesn't watch the videos”. Fans flocked to the comments to praise the bloke, with one writing: “This man never ceases to amaze me. He's a machine.”

And a second commented: “This is another one of those challenges which not only looks delicious, but is one of those deceptive ones where I think, for a moment, 'Oh, I could do that one'.

"After a minute of thinking about it, though, I realize I can't even eat half as much pizza as the parm alone represents without making myself sick, to say nothing of the sides! Great show as always Beard, impressive you can fit that all in.”

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