Woman spots Sir Elton John wearing famous glasses in bird poo splodged on window

A woman has claimed to have seen one of the world's most famous faces made out of bird poo on her bathroom window.

Nicola Colegate, who lives in Peterborough, was shocked after seeing Sir Elton John's bird poo-made face staring back at her from the other side of her bathroom window.

And she even claims that the poo – which she of course snapped with her camera phone – has his famlous glasses on.

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Posting about it online, she asked: “Is it bird poo or Elton John?”

Pal Anaísa Neves was also convinced it was Sir Elton – whose hits include I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues, I'm Still Standing and Candle in the Wind – thus confirming what the woman thought all along . . . Elton John was appearing to her in a splodge of bird poo.

The bizarre find follows on from a bloke spotting King Charles in his daughter's bedroom curtains, a woman spotting Donald Trump in her toast and a woman adamant she saw the son of God in a banana.

The latter was bought from a branch of Tesco in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.

She said: “My husband brought the bananas home on Tuesday, and I was a bit annoyed because, although they looked alright on the outside, nearly all of them were bruised on the inside.

“So when I was looking for a banana for my toddler’s breakfast yesterday, I took the least-bruised one, cut off the black bits and gave him the rest.

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“I’m not religious really, though I like to think there’s an afterlife.

“Imagine my surprise then, when I wandered back into the kitchen to find the face of our lord and saviour looking back at me from one of the bruised ends!”

In photos of the fruit, the bruising creates the likeness of a face that’s looking slightly down and to one side.

For the woman, who asked not to be named, there’s only one person it could be, and it's “a dead-ringer for Jesus”.

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