UFO road trip mapped out for alien hunters – but one stop comes with a warning

Brits hungry for a sighting of little green men have been provided with a list of hotspots to join the dots between for the perfect UFO road trip.

A recent Freedom of Information request found that there were 500 reported sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena in the UK last year.

And it is information like that that keeps Brit alien hunters hungry for that ever-elusive confirmed first contact.

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Now enthusiasts have been given the chance to take to the road, jumping from hotspot to hotspot in a bid to maximise their chances of coming face to… er, oxygen-sensory intake dome (?)… with an alien.

Be warned though, you might need to take more than a long weekend off work to complete this as it’s over 1,000 miles long.

The route has been devised by car rental outfitStressfreecarrental.com, which reckons you should start in Devon, where in May of this year a dog walker came across a UFO zipping along the coast at Maidencombe Beach.

From here you’ll want to head up to Suffolk, where one of the most famous sightings in the UK was recorded: The 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident.

Back and in the car and it’s time to head west and into Wales’s Pembrokeshire, the scene of the Broad Haven Primary School sighting where a group of kids saw something they claimed was out of this world – some even said they saw a figure in a silver suit.

It’s then five hours and 10 minutes in the car to your next stop – Leeds – where in June 2022 there were two sightings of black triangles hovering in the sky.

It’s then a relatively short trip north-west up the A65 for 45 minutes to Ilkley Moor, where one poor ex-copper claimed to have taken two pictures of the aliens that abducted him.

To Edinburgh next, where in 1992 two local chaps said they were abducted on the A70 – the Ministry of Defence was said to be looking into it.

Some 18% of locals here claim they’ve come into contact with aliens, National Geographic says.

Next on the list is one of the most famous sightings of all time. You’ll need to rev up the Quattro and motor over to Perthshire, where the Calvine photograph was taken.

Then it’s either ditch the wheels and hop on a plane or board the Stena line for a quick crossing over to Northern Ireland to head to Belfast, where a dog walker last year caught a UFO up in the skies above them.

A spokesperson from Stressfreecarrental.com said: “For anyone interested in UFOs, now is the perfect time to investigate these unsolved mysteries which continue to baffle experts.

“Findings from the NASA public meeting show it's more likely than ever aliens do really exist.

“This is the ideal summer road trip across the UK, which will allow tourists to visit several stunning locations including Edinburgh and Suffolk, whilst also giving tourists the opportunity to explore the places where aliens may have visited from outer space.

“Drivers will head to the sites of some of the most significant UFO sightings ever recorded, including where the Ickley Moors incident allegedly occurred in Yorkshire and the Broad Haven Primary School sightings in Pembrokeshire.”

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