Scariest sound in the world used for human sacrifice recreated by scientists

One of the scariest sounds in the world used for human sacrifices has been recreated by scientists.

Used by Aztecs thousands of years ago, the Aztec Death Whistle has been reproduced by seemingly unfazed boffins using 3D printing technology. The new version was made based on the only well-preserved model found during digs in Mexico in the 1990s.

Shaped like a skull, it makes a horrific high-pitched shriek when blown into, and is thought to have been used right before a human sacrifice to honour the God of Wind, Ehecatl, was made. The noise that comes out of the object sounds like a blood-curdling scream – and it has now been recreated by the experts at Action Lab.

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James Orgill, from the YouTube channel of AL, said: “This has been deemed the most terrifying sound in the world. Believe it or not, this is not a human scream. The sound that the death whistle makes innately strikes fear into your heart.

“For some reason, the effect of making it sound like a scream is stronger when you don't actually watch the person blowing into the whistle, probably because your brain knows it's a whistle.”

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He goes on to explain that the whistle is shaped like a human larynx, all with a mixture of frequencies – with the 1000hz range being the strongest. He added: “The most fearful scream humans make is around the 1000hz range.”

He then uses the four whistles he made using a 3D printer, with one of them sounding like a woman screaming in the most horrific fashion possible. It has been claimed that the bloke who first blew into the whistle discovered in Mexico City scared his colleague so much that they started crying and vowed never to blow it again.

However, until the moment he decided to blow into it, it was thought the mysterious object was just a toy, as it was found buried with a body. In hindsight, it's probably better if he had never have blown into it . . .

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