Russian secret service plot to assassinate Putin exposed at karaoke club meet

Russian security services are investigating their own after a secret plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin emerged, according to a report.

The Telegram channel VChK-OGPU – which has close links with Moscow’s security services – claims an informant told the channel of an “agent” who had bragged about his task.

The “agent” told the informant he had been assigned to “remove” Putin, according to the channel which added the conversation took place at karaoke club Honey – a known hangout for security service spooks in Chekhov, near Moscow.

It also claimed the so-called “agent” showed the informant a service ID card and had a “long heart-to-heart conversation about the war and future life in Russia”.

The informant allegedly became alarmed during the conversation and “changed the topic” before reporting the incident to the police.

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The channel continued: “The special services have been searching for several days for the unknown person who planned to ‘remove’ Putin.

“Based on his tip, operatives went to study the situation in the Honey Club, where…you can often meet employees of various [secret] departments.”

Putin – who turns 71 on Saturday – takes his security very seriously and regularly changes travel routes and locations.

In recent weeks, the Russian President has been seen out and about more often than usual.

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Vladimir Putin makes claims about Ukrainian counteroffensive

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It’s thought the despot will announce a run for a sixth term in the Kremlin. The Presidential election in Russia will be held in March 2024 and it is likely Putin will win.

Recently, he boasted to students at the International Financial Security Olympiad in Sochi that he had many friends in Europe who shared his worldview.

He said: “I want to defend our friends. We have a lot of friends in Europe… People who believe that traditional values, including the family, have died out.”

He blamed modernisers for behaving “very aggressively, particularly in North America and Europe” but claimed a lot of European countries share Russian values.

Putin added: “That’s why I wouldn’t split everyone. On the contrary, I want to try to unite everyone around our platform.”

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