Putins body double has deadly fever but cuddled kids on public appearance

The body double of apparently-dead Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has tested positive for Covid, just 24 hours after suffering from “snot, cough and fever”.

The double, which has allegedly been in charge of Russia since a Kremlin source claimed the real Putin had died last week, is now suffering from what can only be described as a bad case of man flu. The source, posting once again on the General SVR Telegram channel, claims that this new development has caused chaos inside the Kremlin, just 24 hours after a secret memorial service was held for the real Putin.

And now, in another update, it seems that the health issues of the body double are far worse than first thought . . . but it hasn't stopped him being pictured hugging kids and spread the virus.

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The source explained that Putin's double had a whopping temperature of 38.8c, and tested positive for Covid must 24 hours after first getting a “slight runny nose, cough and aching joints”, and this has left Russian Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev – the man apparently leading the country from behind the scenes – “seriously alarmed”.

The source said: “The double, despite the fact that he is younger than the late Putin, is still not a boy and is at risk.

“For Patrushev, losing such a valuable asset as a backup to the president is tantamount to losing power already at this stage, when, it would seem, everything has practically returned to normal.

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“It is clear that the Secretary of the Security Council has the best medicine at his disposal, which will work for the recovery of the double, but there is still a risk. Next week the understudy has a large programme of meetings and events, including a trip abroad, and they don’t want to cancel events with the participation of the 'President' yet, and this could cause a wave of misunderstandings, aggravating the situation.”

The experts around the body double are now planning to relieve the symptoms with the help of “medications” and give the double the opportunity to “play out the programme.”

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However, it seems like the ill double was let out on Saturday, and took part in a ceremony laying flowers at the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow outside Saint Basil's Cathedral . . . where Putin was seen “cuddling” with kids taking part in the event.

Despite the continued claims from the source, a third denial over the death came from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday, who was attending the opening of a new Russia exhibition at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy – also known as the VDNKh – which Putin was meant to attend, but his appearance was cancelled earlier this week.

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