Putin wanted to be cryogenically frozen and have brain digitized after death

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to have his body cryogenically frozen and his brain digitized before his apparent death, a Kremlin source has claimed.

    The is-he-isn't-he-dead-or-alive saga surrounding the war mad Russian leader began from a source posting via the General SVR Telegram channel, stating that Putin had died of a heart attack last week and the country was now being run by a body double. They have now claimed that Putin wanted to make sure his brain was preserved forever.

    His want to be presented in this manner came from conversations with Mikhail Kovalchuk and his brother Yury. The former is a physicist, while his brother is known as Putin's person banker, and both are said to involved in nanotechnology, which could be used to digitize brains in the future.

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    And the source has also said that while Putin's body is indeed frozen, it is actually still in a freezer normally used for food at his Valdai residence.

    Posting a lengthy video update on its YouTube channel, the source said: “His body is located in a residence in Valdai, in a freezer in which food was previously stored.

    “This is an interesting state of affairs and development of events and I am sure that Putin did not expect to end up in a freezer after his death, or at least to end up in the situation in which he finds himself now.

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    “The Kovalchuk brothers told him fantasies that supposedly a person’s brain could be frozen, then reanimated and the person's personality written off from this brain.

    “This is complete nonsense – a huge amount of money, billions of rubles, was allocated to digitize the personality of Vladimir Putin, as the Kovalchuks promised.

    “This, of course, is beyond any common sense, but, nevertheless, Vladimir Putin was a man who hoped to exist after death, so he ended up in the freezer, though not at all in order to someday be digitized and appear in the form of a digital avatar.”

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    The Kremlin has constantly denied that Putin has been suffering from health issues and is, or could be, dead – but the source on Telegram continues to claim otherwise. When rumours first surfaced, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that it was all just an “absurd information canard”

    He said: “This belongs to the category of absurd information hoaxes that a whole series of media discuss with enviable tenacity – this evokes nothing but a smile.”

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