Putin bolsters Navy with two deadly new nuclear submarines – and more to come

Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking to bolster his naval supplies with two new deadly nuclear powered submarines.

Putin commissioned the dangerous vessels as part of a strategic drive for the Russian Navy, which could see "combat readiness" improved according to the despot himself.

Travelling to Severodvinsk where the seafaring vehicles are stored, Putin claimed he would use the two new additions as a way of monitoring strategic areas in oceans across the world.

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His address to the naval group confirmed his desire to strengthen military efforts, particularly the navy.

Putin said: "We will quantitatively strengthen the combat readiness of the Russian Navy, our naval power in the Arctic, the Far East, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Caspian Sea – the most important strategic areas of the world's oceans."

It is believed the despot is using the nuclear submarine pledge to bolster his election campaign ahead of Russia's general election in March 2024, TheArgus reported.

Warmonger Putin oversaw the raising of the Russian flag aboard the newly built Emperor Alexander III as well as the Krasnoyarsk nuclear submarines, which brought further focus onto the world-ending missiles in Putin's arsenal.

The Emperor Alexander III is kitted out with 16 nuclear intercontinental missiles. Putin has declared a further three submarines with nuclear capabilities are under construction.

Krasnoyarsk has been fitted with torpedoes and cruise missiles and is powered with nuclear energy, making its assignment of hunting enemy submarines that much easier. The Yasen-class submarine will also be capable of attacking ground targets, and Putin confirmed a further five Krasonyarsk-like subs are in development.

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