Plane explosion kills 115 as North Korean spies plant bomb and puff cyanide cigs

A plane explosion saw 115 killed after North Korean spies snuck a bomb on board before puffing on cyanide cigs to try and take their own lives.

Back in 1987 Korean Air Flight 858 going from Baghdad, Iraq, to Seoul, South Korea, met a tragic end when it exploded mid-air after the agents planted the explosives and made a swift exit before take-off.

It's reported the spies did the dirty work on November 29 during a stop in Abu Dhabi following orders from North Korea.

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And, after planting the bomb, they were quick to escape the area before being tracked down in Bahrain. But when they realised they were cornered, they took cyanide hidden in their cigarettes.

The male spy died instantly but Kim Hyon-hui, the woman agent, survived and came clean about the whole bombing – not before trying to reach for a policeman's gun during her arrest.

She faced trial and received a death sentence, but South Korean President Roh Tae-woo intervened and pardoned her.

They believed Kim had been brainwashed up in North Korea as her testimony implicated Kim Jong Il, who was future leader at the time, as responsible for the incident and so she was let off the hook.

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Analysis of the cyanide-laced cigarettes also revealed them to be the same type used by North Korean agents apprehended in South Korea.

The incident, reported to have been carried out to disrupt preparations for the Olympic Games in South Korea, claimed the lives of all 104 passengers and 11 crew members.

Meanwhile, a huge plane crash left several dead including a senior politician in a horror accident just moments after it took off.

The incident in Paraguay saw the plane turn into a fireball after it plunged into a field. Walter Harms, a legislator for the ruling Colorado party, was killed along with three other men.

The other men are Walter’s brother Carlos, José Gonzálex and César Godoy. At the time, passers-by rushed to the scene engulfed in flames. The fire was said to rage for some time, with debris flying in all directions.

The horror scene left the remains in a pile in the centre of the field, with the grass scorched all around. The black smoke could reportedly be seen for miles. After the crash, Beto Ovelar, the former Senator of Paraguay and now President of Congress announced the the country would enter a period of national mourning, where everyone will remember the four men.

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