Passer-by helps save home after faulty e-scooter battery caught fire

A concerned motorist dumped their vehicle and raced to raise the alarm bell after spotting flames engulfing a family home.

The passer-by noticed the flames were coming from the storeroom of a property in Loftus Street, Temora, New South Wales. The drama unfolded at around 9am on Monday, September 4.

Firefighters say the passer-by grabbed a hose and, along with the homeowner, began tackling the blaze to prevent it from spreading through the house. They managed to extinguish a majority of the fire.

Fire and Rescue New South Wales extinguished spot fires around the house. They subsequently discovered a faulty Lithium-Ion battery in one of two e-scooters caused the inferno.

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FRNSW Deputy Captain Grant Reid, said: “It appears the battery ignited spontaneously…it wasn’t being charged. Had the fire broken out in the middle of the night, this could have ended tragically.”

Fire crews have now issued advice for anyone using devices with Lithium-Ion batteries. This includes not over-charging batteries or leave them charging overnight unattended or whilst you’re asleep.

Not charging batteries and devices on beds, sofas or around highly flammable and insulating materials. And storing batteries and devices in a cool, dry area away from combustible materials.

Larger devices such as e-scooters should be kept in outside storage where possible, away from bedrooms and living spaces.

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