NASA UFO report says existence of extraterrestrials is plausible

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    NASA has confirmed that UFOs having an "extraterrestrial source" is "plausible", and has refused to rule it out.

    The bombshell breakthrough came in its report released today analysing data surrounding UFOs and UAPs.

    And while the 33 page report, created by 16 experts, doesn't go as far as confirming that aliens exists, it does now open to door to the possibility that there could be something else out there.

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    Buried deep at the end of the report is the one thing alien lovers were waiting for.

    It states: "At this point there is no reason to conclude that existing UAP reports have an extraterrestrial source.

    However, if we acknowledge that as one possibility, then those objects must have traveled through our solar system to get here. Just as the galaxy does not stop at the outskirts of the solar system, the solar system also includes Earth and its environs.

    "Thus, there is an intellectual continuum between extrasolar technosignatures, solar system SETI, and potential unknown alien technology operating in Earth’s atmosphere.

    "If we recognize the plausibility of any of these, then we should recognize that all are at least plausible."

    NASA defines UAP (the new term for UFOs) as "observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena from a scientific perspective".

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    In 2022 the US space agency commissioned a panel of 16 experts to examine UAP sightings. This report is the culmination of their work.

    There have been a number of UAP reports in recent years that have piqued investigators' interest.

    Perhaps the most infamous is the "Tic Tac-looking object" spotted by US Navy airmen David Fravor and Alex Dietrich in 2004 during a training exercise off the coast of San Diego.

    The pair had been asked to investigate a mystery object that was spotted 80,000ft in the air before suddenly dropping close to the sea and apparently vanishing.

    The UAP panel held a public meeting on May 31. It emerged that around 800 mysterious UFO reports had been examined.

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