How paintings are made from moss in the Czech Republic

Moss paintings will help to make the interior of your apartment or house stylish. Today, this direction in the interior is very popular. Therefore, further we will talk about how such paintings are created.

Features of moss paintings

We also offer moss walls. For the production of these decorative elements, only natural moss is used. Our specialists collect it manually in forests in ecologically clean regions. Only a separate type of moss is suitable, which meets high requirements and a number of standards. Further, the moss goes through several stages of selection and sorting, because experts use only high quality plants.

To ensure that paintings made from stabilized moss last a long time and do not lose their presentable appearance, the moss is treated with a special solution. They replace natural juice. The composition of the impregnation includes only completely safe substances that do not have a negative effect on the body during operation. So you can place such paintings even in the bedroom or nursery. Thanks to proper impregnation, moss retains its presentable appearance and shape for many years. So the picture will look great.

Moss is also dyed to get the desired color. After all, not only green moss is used to create paintings, but also plants of any other color. It all depends on the wishes of the client and the chosen version of the picture or panel. Our experts will also make a picture of the size you need without any problems.

Advantages of moss paintings

When ordering natural moss walls, you can be sure that the product will be unique. Due to the fact that specialists use natural moss, each work is unique. So you get a unique solution for your home.

We recommend buying a moss painting if you are interested in eco-friendly solutions for your home. After all, only natural ingredients are used for production, which meet all international quality and safety standards. This applies to both moss and paint, impregnation, and even the basis for forming a picture. Such paintings are hypoallergenic and safe even for children and people prone to allergic reactions.

Also, such walls will help you keep the heat in the room, so that the room will be more comfortable and cozy. Additionally, moss walls do not let sound through, so the room will become much quieter. That is why such walls are often installed in bedrooms or nurseries.

We can offer you a wide range of available models. See the catalog for available options. But we are able to produce a completely unique picture, depending on your wishes and preferences.