Crybaby Trump tells ex-media pals to stop using big orange picture of him

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  • Donald Trump has had another of his tantrums – and this time it’s against one of his biggest cheerleaders.

    In a bizarre outburst that’s likely to make his opponents regard him as being even more of a crybaby, the former United States president has lashed out against Fox News, the channel that has done so much to boost his standing since he entered politics.

    Trump, 77, who’s often referred to as “The Orange Man” by his detractors, has slammed the right-wing channel for using unflattering photos of him, including one of him looking “orange” and with his “chin pulled back”, reports The Telegraph.

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    He also accused Fox of failing to report on polls “where I am beating [Joe] Biden, by a lot”.

    The outburst marks just the latest stage of his strange fallout with the channel that had previously lauded him and overlooked his weird and dangerous behaviour.

    When he was in the White House, Trump often had all the TVs tuned in to Fox, and he would often call into the morning show, Fox And Friends, for a random chat instead of doing the slightly more important things that most presidents do.

    His love affair with Fox began to sour when the channel was the first to announce that he’d lost the state of Arizona in 2020, and Fox refused to reverse its decision despite Trump’s team insisting that it did so.

    The channel remained a supporter of the former president, though, and that decision cost Fox hundreds of millions of dollars in court recently.

    It came a cropper when it had to cough up the equivalent of £625million to settle a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

    The lawsuit was brought after Fox repeatedly gave airtime to nut jobs and allowed them to claim unchallenged that Dominion had fixed its voting machines as part of the plot to steal the 2020 US election, which Trump lost to Biden.

    Now Trump appears to have turned fully against his former pals in the media.

    Writing on his Truth Social platform last week, he said: “Why doesn’t Fox And Friends show all of the polls where I am beating Biden, by a lot. They just won’t do it!

    “Also, they purposely show the absolutely worst pictures of me, especially the big 'orange' one with my chin pulled way back.

    “They think they are getting away with something, they’re not.”

    In a deliberate snub to Fox, Trump refused to take part in the Republican presidential campaign debate on the channel last week. Instead, he gave a sit-down interview to Tucker Carlson, the bonkers conspiracy theorist who himself parted ways with Fox recently on bad terms – and that interview was deliberately aired at the same time as the debate.

    The following day, Trump attended a jail in the state of Georgia. He turned himself in having been indicted on multiple counts surrounding his 2020 election denial.

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    That resulted in the release of the first mug shot of any US president, with Trump striking a weird pose that some thought made him look tough but others thought made him look ridiculous.

    Trump has long been mocked for his tantrums, and when he visited the UK in 2019 protesters followed him around with a Big Baby Trump balloon.

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