Aliens landed at Chernobyl after nuclear disaster to suck radiation from air

Aliens touched down at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant after the disaster to suck dangerously-high levels of toxic radiation from the air, according to a Netflix doc.

Encounters was released on the streaming platform and has UFO and alien enthusiasts frothing over dramatic claims that aliens may actually be coming to Earth to help us humans out.

The four-part docuseries explores many mass UFO sighting across the world from the last 50 years or so and delves into an alleged sighting of an alien aircraft at the Chernobyl power plant after the nuclear disaster in April 1986.

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In episode four, Dr Jensine Andresen – a researcher of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – said many saw a UFO land at the site at the height of the roaring blaze.

"Right at the height of the fire, many people observed a UFO come," she said, adding it "stayed for three minutes".

Though the show doesn’t include any testimony from witnesses at Chernobyl, she also claimed there was a light at Unit 4.

And, with an alleged sudden drop in toxic radiation as soon as the UFO was gone, Dr Andresen said conspiracies that aliens were helping humans in draining radiation from the area were fuelled.

She said: "At the height of the fire in Chernobyl, the reading was 3000 milli-roentgen, which is a unit of ionising radiation."

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She added another reading was taken a few minutes later and that the radiation had "apparently dropped to 800" – something Dr Andresen said was incomprehensible.

She added: “That seems like a very conscious attempt to remediate the danger caused by the malfunction there."

The episode also explores a UFO seen in the Japanese city of Fukushima in 2011, in which members of the public claimed to have seen bizarre lights on the same day as the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

People who tuned in to the Netflix doc were quick to share their amazement on X, with many users astounded at the claims aliens may not be here to hurt us after all.

"I have to say after watching Encounters on Netflix I never truly went back to look at the lights over Fukushima and honestly I was shocked how many showed up after the blast," said @OBreenie.

"And I was shocked to learn it happened at Chernobyl as well."

UFO enthusiast @UFOS_UAPS posted: "Nuclear. They [aliens] love to hang around." To which another replied: "Yes but also how the levels were lowered in Chernobyl after one came and hovered for I believe 3 minutes – and the levels were lower in Fukushima as well – I was like how did I not know that."

Another posted in amazement: “Holy moly this is finally something new. I was unaware of these sightings but I understand the nuclear connection."

So, could those little green men actually be here to help us silly humans out in times of nuclear catastrophe? We'll let you make your own mind up…

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