The Service Economy Meltdown


As companies reconsider their long-term need to have employees on site, low-wage workers depending on office-based businesses stand to lose the most. David Engelsman abruptly lost his job as a restaurant server in Portland, Ore., in March. Now he is fighting to get health insurance […]

Opinion | Enough With the Baby Steps on Coronavirus


It’s not too late to start protecting jobs or to make medical care for Covid-19 free. By Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman The authors are economists at the University of California, Berkeley. The coronavirus pandemic is laying bare structural deficiencies in America’s social programs. The […]

US joblessness set to spike as Covid-19 takes toll on businesses


WASHINGTON (AFP) – With streets in major cities barren, and shops and restaurants forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, economists warn of a record explosion of Americans filing for unemployment benefits. The Labor Department on Thursday (March 26) will release its weekly data […]