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Kim Jong-un death mystery continue with reports he had stayed in Samjiyon villa

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The secretive state has remained silent over claims that Kim is critically ill or even dead, after continued prolonged absences from public life. Now a high-ranking Military Security Guard has added fuel to the fire by suggesting that a road used exclusively by the leader in Samjiyon has seen strange activity.

A Ryanggang Province-based source told Daily NK newspaper: “From May 9, the Supreme Guard Command suddenly intensified its control over an exclusive road used by the leader heading up to the villa over a period of 10 days.

“Normally, the road used exclusively by Kim is patrolled once a day by a two-man team, but during [those 10 days] a mobile sentry post was set up around 50 meters from the entrance to the road and a single armed guard stood there who rotated out every two hours,” he added.

The insider also revealed that Supreme Guard Command officials who protect Kim were seen standing guard with “wartime” gear on.

The insider also revealed that Supreme Guard Command officials who protect Kim were seen standing guard with “wartime” gear on.

This comes after suggestions that his sister Kim Yo-jong has been running room 39, a mysterious department that generates cash by whatever means possible.

Smuggled gold, fake viagra and the large scale manufacturing of meth and heroin are among the many illegal methods used by the department, which is estimated by US intelligence experts to raise between £400m and £1.6billion a year.

Experts believe that Kim’s ambition to engage in nuclear warfare is now being overseen by his sister and her husband Choe Song as they attempt to raise funds.

“Room 39 is an organisation to get foreign currency for the leader,” a recent defector told ABC news.

“In North Korea, we called it the ‘revolutionary fund’.”

He added: ”Room 39 just took anything that made money in North Korea. If it made money they took it, monopolised it.

“I’d estimate it accounted for 30 to 40 per cent of the total economy all going to the top leadership while the people lived in poverty.”

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Meanwhile, Kim had been rumoured to be staying at his Wonsan compound, however, the reports that he may have been in Samjiyon will raise questions.

Restrictions on the Kims exclusive road in the region to locals are usually lax enough for them to use it on their way to a nearby mountain.

The Daily NK source said: “People had been able to quietly move through the area to get to the [nearby] mountain – even though the area is restricted.

“That’s because officers with the Supreme Guard Command would just conduct one patrol per day [in the area].

“The sudden appearance of a temporary sentry post and intensified control over movement in the area created a situation where no one was able to loiter in the area for more than a minute.”

The sole focus currently seems to be on maintaining the increased security of the exclusive road leading to Kim’s villa.

“There is a rumour that seems to have originated from the family of a high-level Military Security Command official based in Ryanggang Province that the Supreme Leader [Kim Jong Un] stayed at the villa for 10 days in secret, although it’s not clear why,” the source added.

Many people in the area reportedly believe that Kim did stay in the villa given recent developments surrounding the Supreme Guard Command and the speculation that is circulating about him.

“People are saying that there are rumours of cadres who have heard that after the Samjiyon villa was constructed various items were brought in and spring cleaning has finished. This, they say, makes it possible that he really did come to the villa for a rest,” the source said.

“Others are saying that they’ve heard rumours from [North Korean] smugglers that Chinese traders are saying that [Kim Jong Un] is sick and that he may have visited Samjiyon because of the clean air and beautiful scenery.”

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