Labour U-turns on private schools


The Labour leadership can’t be trusted to stick to its promises, a commentator has said after the party performed yet another embarrassing U-turn. Sir Keir Starmer wanted to end private schools’ charitable status under a flagship policy to end the tax breaks they enjoy. Shadow […]

Senior Tories blast inheritance death tax as anti-family in latest attack


Inheritance tax labelled ‘unfair’ and ‘cruel’ by expert Ranil Jayawardena, Tory MP for North East Hampshire, called for the “death tax” to be abolished. The ex-Environment Secretary said: “Let’s celebrate, not penalise, people who are trying to do the right thing. Hardworking families should be […]

Russian forces panic as NATO source claims Ukraine will retake Crimea


Moment a missile strikes a Russian HQ in Crimea Russian leadership in Crimea is panicking following Ukraine’s precision strike on Moscow’s Black Sea headquarters, a former Ukrainian parliamentary advisor told Daily Express US. Mykola Volkivskyi claimed that the strike – which Ukraine says killed 34 […]