Putin threatens West with nuclear missiles, deploys troops in forests


Vladimir Putin is threatening the West with his mobile nuclear-capable Yars intercontinental missile system currently deployed on month-long drills. No fewer than 1,000 troops specialised in missile strategy as well as more than 100 pieces of equipment are being sent on the major exercises in […]

Gaza humanitarian crisis deepens amid escalating conflict


Hospitals in the under-siege strip warned they were at breaking point as all out war engulfed the region. Intense Israeli air strikes hit ­northern targets, while Hamas sent a series of rockets into southern and central Israel. In southern Gaza, tanks edged further into the […]

Germans slam countrys constantly late trains with UKs way more reliable


Germany’s rail services face increasing criticism with long waits for trains and nearly half of all journies experiencing delays. The country’s major train stations secured low rankings in the annual European Railway Station Index, highlighting widespread customer dissatisfaction and reliability concerns. Bremen Hauptbahnhof, one of […]

France immigration bill rejected by MPs in bitter blow to Macron


In a significant setback for President Emmanuel Macron, French MPs rejected his government’s proposed immigration bill on Monday. The motion to reject the bill passed by a slim margin, with 270 votes against and 265 in favour, marking the first such rejection in 25 years. […]