WW3 fears grow as Russia-loving Belarus preps tanks for combat against Ukraine

Fears over a potential World War Three disaster have grown as Belarusian tanks were spotted preparing themselves for combat near the Polish border.

Reports indicate that Belarusian troops are moving ever closer to the border of Poland, with the Alexander Lukashenko-led country keen supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Belarusian Hajun project, brigades crossed a bridge over the Neman river as part of a combat readiness inspection, prompting fears that they could be preparing themselves for activities in support of Russian forces, Express reported.

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One Belarusian military channel said: "Today Neman, tomorrow Vistula or Dnieper. There’re no barriers for the Belarusian tank crew."

With activity on the Neman river, there are worries that the Belarusian troopers will be heading ever closer to the border, with the river just 7.5 miles away from Poland.

Concerns over Belarusian activity could trigger article four of the NATO military alliance, meaning that international involvement will be likely should the Ukraine war spill over into Poland.

It comes as tense moments followed the killing of two people in the south-eastern Polish village of Przewodow, which saw NATO call an emergency meeting.

While Poland has said the strike was "probably an accident", it was a cause for concern as tensions build between Ukraine and Russia.

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Speaking of the military presence near Poland, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Aleksandr Volfovich, said the troops were there in case the situation on Ukrainian borders "deteriorates".

He added: "To put it simply, those are permanently ready forces."

Belarus has already engaged Vladimir Putin's troops earlier during the war in Ukraine, with despot Putin using the country as a place to launch troops in what was a failed attempt to capture Kyiv.

Reports in early November warned that Putin had been using Belarus as a place to deploy armoured vehicles and troops, with authorities claiming they were working on defence.

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