Worlds oldest female bodybuilder looks unrecognisable from her youth

The world’s oldest female performing bodybuilder has claimed that she’s in the best shape of her life and looks completely different to how she did when she was younger.

At the astonishing age of 86 Ernestine Shepherd continues to blow minds.

In 2010 earned the Guinness World Record title as the world's oldest living female competitive bodybuilder, all in the name of her beloved sister.

Her diet is astonishing, putting away a handful of walnuts and 10 egg whites every morning, as well as eating chicken and vegetables.

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But it isn’t just weightlifting she smashes, pulling a whopping 80 miles worth of running each and every week.

She reckons that the wild diet is the trick to her incredible ability to go on and on with her massive runs.

Now, at 86, she is bench pressing 115lbs.

From Baltimore in the USA, she also wakes up in the early hours, at 4am, to get her workouts in.

Perhaps most astonishing about the gran, The Sun reports, is that she only began living this way when she was 56.

The lifestyle has proven a massive change in her attitude to exercise compared to her youth.

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She said that, when she was younger, she had been “prissy” with her approach to exercise.

Now though, she can’t get enough.

Everything changed when she went out with her sister, Velvet, who was 57 at the time looking for swimwear.

The trip led to them both pledging to get into better knick, and soon started lifting weights with the help of their local church.

Tragically, Velvet later died from a brain aneurysm.

Tough times followed for Ernestine, who said: “I went to pieces; I didn’t want to do anything… It was an awful way to live."

A visit from Velvet in a dream and the support of her mates eventually got her moving again, inspiring her to set out and break a world record for her sister.

She even reached out for help from an ex-Mr Universe, Yohnnie Shambourger.

Then, in 2010 and with huge amounts of work, she entered a competition and won, leading Guinness World records to contact her and crown her a record holder.

She said: “I’ll never forget standing on that stage as I collected my medal and certificate.

"'I’ve done what you wanted, Velvet', I remember saying as tears filled my eyes."

She’s allegedly chatted with Oprah Winfrey and has even been featured in Beyonce’s Black is King music video.

"It was a wonderful, wonderful experience. Beyonce made me feel like a queen. I felt so honoured,” she said.

"I felt like I had the power to smile again. Beyonce has no idea what she's done for me."

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