Womans shark attack horror as she describes smacking 6ft beast in face

A woman's shark attack horror went viral on TikTok after she shared the terrifying experience, with the woman "smacking" the animal in the face to escape.

35-year-old Heather West was visiting Dry Tortugas National Park with some adventure buff friends when the trip took a nasty turn after a dip in the water.

West, from Montgomery, Texas, was filming in the ocean when she "sensed danger" and just moments later she was in the shark's grip.

Heather, who shared the viral story and racked up 16 million views on social media app TikTok, said: "A voice in my head said 'get out now'".

Heather continued: "The second I was facing the beach I felt something grab my ankle. Even though just seconds before I saw all the guys on the beach, my brain couldn't comprehend what was happening and I thought one of them grabbed me to scare me.

"I remember thinking how strong they were, it felt like my ankle was in a vice grip and it was so strong… I just sat there waiting for it to let go.

"As soon as that thought left my mind, I felt a massive jerk on my leg and immediately knew it was a shark that was dragging me."

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Realising a massive shark had hold of her, Heather knew she had to "fight back" if she "wanted any chance of surviving."

She said: ""I flipped over on my back, with my leg still facing the opposite direction and started kicking at his face with my good leg.

"I was so mad that I used him as leverage and sat up in the water, screaming ‘you motherf****r’ while punching down into the water at his face with both fists, and that’s when he decided to let go.

"Blood was filling the water and I couldn't see where he went. I felt like I was in a Jaws movie at that moment."

Adrenalin and shock kicked in soon after Heather's friends dragged her to the beach and applied pressure to the wound, while another tried to find help.

Heather, who claims staff at the park were "too busy" to help, described the creature which locals soon identified as a 6ft lemon shark that had been circling the waters for some time.

The 35-year-old said: "It was obvious by just looking at my foot that my tendons were torn if not severed and the ligaments in my ankle were torn.

"[In my opinion], no one cared, what they did to me was truly the most traumatic part of the day – worse than the actual attack."

Heather has been left with permanent damage, yet only four weeks later and Heather was back in the water.

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