Womans face ballooned like shed been punched after horror reaction to seafood

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A Brazilian woman was left with a puffed-up and deformed face after she suffered a traumatic allergic reaction to seafood which left her friends wondering if she'd been punched.

Unfortunate Amanda Nicandio, 22, went viral on social media after she shared images of her unrecognisable face following the horrific reaction.

In pictures viewed over 5.5 million views times, the student from Belo Horizonte, Brazil explained how her once stunning face had been ravaged by allergies.

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Amanda claims she ate prawns at a bar on Copacabana Beach on a trip to Rio de Janeiro and suffered the fateful reaction.

She says she was advised by an employee of the bar to go to A&E, where she spent the night.

As she tried to sleep she confessed she was afraid her face would not return to how it was before.

She was medicated and vaccinated and released with her face still swollen.

She said at the time that "everyone thought I had been punched" and spent the rest of the trip wearing sunglasses.

The event happened in late 2021, but Amanda only took to social media to post about it on 25th May, and the images quickly racked up millions of views.

The images show how Amanda's face was left so swollen following the allergic reaction that she was unable to even open her left eye.

After the images did the rounds, Amanda told Newsflash: "I'd eaten prawns before and nothing had ever happened – until that day.

"The doctors were unable to explain definitively what had happened. They just said it was the prawns and that was it."

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However, undeterred Amanda did her own research and found out prawns have a substance "you can eat 500 times" and be fine but react badly to it on any given occasion.

She clarified: "The prawns I ate weren't bad, they were super tasty." But she added: "I don't plan to eat them anymore because it was a really bad experience."

"These days I avoid all seafood – not just prawns – as I'm scared I'll go through a similar situation again.

"It could happen to anyone."

Thankfully, Amanda's face made a full recovery.

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