Woman survives horror building site fall despite steel bar penetrating her body

A woman working on a building site has survived almost certain death after falling 10 feet onto a steel bar.

Despite the fact that the metal bar pierced her body completely, entering though her buttock and emerging from her shoulder, it missed all of construction worker Xiang Guanglan’s major organs

The incident took place at a construction site in the city of Guangzhou in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong on August 27.

Ms Xiang, 50, avoided death despite 71 centimetres (28 inches) of an 80-centimetre (31") long reinforced steel bar skewering her body through her right buttock and exited her right shoulder.

“I was walking above a gap between two walls when the wooden plank broke and I fell towards the exposed steel bars,” Ms Xiang told local TV station GRT.

“All I felt was pain, then everyone rushed towards me.”

She added that the wound caused blood to shoot out of her right buttock “like a fountain”.

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Ms Xiang underwent emergency surgery lasting three hours at the Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

General surgeon Qin You told GRT: “During the operation, the first thing we did was check whether any of her blood vessels had been harmed.

“The steel bar was stuck between her veins and arteries, leaving the vessels undamaged. That was incredible.

“It was pressed against her liver, which enveloped it, but it didn’t pierce the organ. Her intestines were also intact.”

Cardiothoracic surgeon Li Jia added: “The surgery was successful. Although her injury was very serious, she was very fortunate to avoid damage to major vessels in her chest and lungs.

“There was some moderate bleeding throughout, but as soon as we pulled the steel bar out, we were able to patch her up quickly.

“She’s recovering well.”

Meanwhile, Ms Xiang added: “I feel lucky.”

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