Woman sunbathes topless on beach to see the reaction – and its pretty creepy

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An attractive young woman conducting a social experiment by going topless on a beach received a plethora of reactions, from the creepy to the hilarious.

The eyebrow-raising clip, uploaded to YouTube back in 2016, was created by a Peruvian news channel – ATV Noticias – and was shot on a beach near the capital, Lima.

Men quickly surround the woman, and an elderly man almost falls over as he stares open-mouthed at the young woman.

The presenter says: "Topless might be a popular thing in many places in the world, like Brazil, but here it is not common at all."

The presenter then adds: "So let’s see what happens when a young woman decided to sunbathe on her own in the way that she chooses to."

The dark-haired actress taking part in the stunt then walks over to a quiet spot on the beach, laying down her towel which she sits down on before taking off her shorts, t-shirt, and bikini top.

A couple move down the beach away from her, the girlfriend looking back indignantly whilst her partner keeps his stoutly eyes in front of him.

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As the part of the beach the woman is sitting on becomes more crowded youngsters walk past whispering and vendors come over to try and sell her goods.

The hidden cameras also film various men who come over to speak to the woman, the first man tells her: "You’re pretty out there, not like the other girls from Lima."

"Why?" responds the woman, "Because I’m going topless?"

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The woman also tells a group of three men who later join her that it is hardly a big deal as her chest is small and not that much bigger than a man’s, who all go topless on the beach, to which one of the men gives her a good look and responds: "But yours are much nicer."

The presenter also interviews beachgoers to ask them what they think of topless women on the beach.

One young man replied: "I wouldn’t know where to look", while one woman says: "It’s her body, she can do what she wants, what’s wrong with it?"

The seven-minute montage was filmed on the Costa Verde off the south coast of the Lima, the capital of Peru.

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