Woman squeezed landlords testicles so hard he died of shock say cops

After a heated disagreement with her landlord over an electricity bill, Ifeoma Ossai allegedly squeezed the man’s testicles so hard that he died.

The man, Monday Oladele, died on Saturday, March 11, in Sango-Ota, southwestern Nigeria. His brother then went to local police claiming that Ms Ossai had gripped the 50-year-old’s genitals to tightly that the shock had killed him.

For her part Ms Ossai, 33, says that a violent confrontation did take place, but she was in the middle of a fight with Mr Oladele’s wife when her landlord suddenly collapsed.

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She insists that she did not kill him – either by gripping his testicles or any other part of his body.

“I know I didn’t kill him,” she told Nigerian newspaper Punch.

“[Mr Oladele’s] family told the police that he collapsed after fighting and I was surprised the next day when they started saying I held him by his manhood.

“How and why would I touch his manhood? If I did, was there nobody to stop me from doing that? It was a cook-up story."

Ms Ossai, a single mum of two, does admit that she had a fight with Mr Oladele and his wife.

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She had argued with them about problems with plumbing in the property she had rented from them, which they didn’t sort out to her satisfaction, and there was also a row over an unexpectedly high electricity bill.

When the landlord and his wife came to the house to discuss the matter, things became rather heated.

"He said if I would not pay, I should pack out and the wife joined and started calling me a call girl and it degenerated into a fight and the man slapped me,” Ms Ossai said, adding “The wife scratched my face and body”.

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Local police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi confirmed that Ms Ossai was under arrest: “On interrogation, the suspect claimed that the deceased asked her to pay for electricity bill.

“But she insisted that until water was directly connected to her apartment as promised by the landlord before she packed in she would not pay the electricity or any other utility bill.”

Police commissioner Frank Mba has ordered Ms Ossai’s transfer to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation and prosecution.


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