Woman shoves 3-year-old girl ‘face-first’ onto train tracks in horror attack

Horrifying CCTV footage captured the moment a toddler was pushed onto the tracks at a subway station in Oregon, US.

The clip shows the three-year-old girl n unwittingly standing next to her mother on Portland’s Gateway Transit Center MAX platform when a woman launched an unprovoked attack on her.

The stranger, who is believed to be 32-year-old Brianna Lace Workman, was initially seen sitting behind the mother and daughter before she suddenly stood up and pushed the child.

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The girl, who was standing just over the caution line, hit the floor before sliding "face-first" onto the tracks.

A man who was nearby quickly pulled the child to safety but reported that the little girl had a severe headache and a small red mark on her forehead from the fall.

The district attorney said that the toddler did nothing to provoke the attack, which occurred on Wednesday (December 28).

District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a statement: "The child landed face-first onto the metal rail and rocks before being quickly rescued from the train tracks.

"Though the girl’s head can be seen making contact with the rail, she immediately sat up and reached for the good Samaritans who jumped up to rescue her.

"The toddler later reported a severe headache and had a small red mark on their forehead."

Multnomah County District Attorney’s office has confirmed Workman was arrested on Thursday (December 29) and is being held without bail.

She faces charges of first-degree attempted assault, third-degree attempted assault, interfering with public transportation, second-degree disorderly conduct and recklessly endangering another person.

The incident was captured on TriMet video surveillance, according to the district attorney's office.

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