Woman saved by hero German Shepherd after she was followed by strange man

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A woman was saved by her dog after she was followed by a "strange" man on an early walk.

Lorraine Scott, 40, said that she doesn't know what may have happened to her if her German Shepherd if pooch Toby had not scared off a man following her in the early hours of the morning.

She was out with her dog in Wirral when she got "freaked out" by a "strange man" approaching her car.

The 40-year-old told the Liverpool Echo : “I turned into the car park for the beach and I spotted this maroon car on my right hand side.

“I carried on driving down towards the steps to the beach because it’s easier for the dog and parked by a vacant car.

“I then started to sort everything out, like get my wellies on and get Toby sorted and noticed that the maroon car must have turned around from the way he was facing when I drove in as it was pulling up beside the vacant car by me.

“I knew whoever it was had seen that I was on my own when I drove past, but I didn’t think anything of it at this point.”

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Lorraine said she continued to prepare for her run when she noticed a man get out from the car and begin slowly making his way towards her.

She said he was "scanning the area" intensely while walking towards Lorraine’s passenger seat.

Lorraine said: “At this point I started to get really panicky and I just froze.

“I couldn’t really do anything, I just froze.”

The man continued to slowly approach the dog walker but it was at this point that three-year-old Toby saw him getting ‘too close’ and began to react to his ‘strange’ presence.

Lorraine said: “Toby started barking and going mad at him and then straight away the man jumped and ran straight back into his car and drove away very quickly.

“I’m just really happy I had my protector with me. He’s naturally a protective breed and because of our bond he will always protect me.”

Lorraine said the incident "freaked" her out as she has never been in a situation like that before and despite being trained in kickboxing she "didn't know how to react".

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Writing about the incident on a community Facebook page, Lorraine said: “If I had been on my own, this might have been a different story – luckily my German shepherd is protective of me.

“I've been at this beach before and never had anything like this happen and there is always people camping the night there so never usually though anything strange about people being parked up there.

“Hopefully this post will make people aware there are some weirdos about and to be extra careful, so glad I have a German shepherd to protect me.”

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The man was said to be wearing a black tracksuit and and black crew neck t-shirt.

He had a shaved head with blonde hair, was of a slim build and approximately 5ft 8in in height from what Lorraine could make out.

Lorraine says she is still shaken up after the incident and in future she will continue to walk Toby with her husband like she would usually do.

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