Woman followed ‘scared’ boy through train station before ‘grabbing his genitals’

A woman put her arms around a 15-year-old boy at a train station before sexually assaulting him, a court heard.

Charlene Pike, 37, allegedly approached the child at Cardiff Central railway station on September 18, 2019.

The boy was stood next to the ticket machines with his girlfriend when Pike approached them, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

He said she started putting her hand through his hair and said it was “lush”, Wales Online reports.

The boy told the court: "She said I might know her daughter and asked how old I was. I said I was 15 and she said she was 36."

"I was very, very scared and unpredicted [sic] about what she was going to do next. I felt frightened and to this day I still wake up in the night with nightmares and sweats."

The boy and his girlfriend walked through the concourse towards the station car park where they were due to take a rail replacement bus.

Pike followed them through the concourse.

The complainant added: "She came through the doors, came over to us, put her arms around me, and squeezed my nipple.

“She squeezed my nipple about three or four times. After she put her hand on my nipple and straight afterwards I felt her palm run down my right thigh and onto my penis and squeezed it very hard.

"She said I should go to a barbecue on the weekend because her boyfriend was boring.

“I said: 'I don't know you' and she said: 'It doesn't matter it's just a bit of fun'."

The boy then got on a bus and called his dad to tell him what had happened and was told to call the police.

When officers arrived he pointed out Pike, who had also boarded the bus, and she was arrested.

Opening the trial, prosecutor Nigel Fryer said: "I invite you to clear your mind about any preconceived ideas you have about sexual offending. Sexual offending happens in all aspects of life – there's no stereotypical sexual offender.

"That's perhaps demonstrated in this case because Ms Pike is female and the complainant is male and that is unusual because in society many people have a preconceived idea that sexual offending flows one way, male to female, but that's not how the law works.

“Sexual assault is not something dependent on gender."

The trial continues.

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