Woman dragged off by heavies in hazmat suits to Covid quarantine camp in China

China's horrendous attempts at maintaining its zero Covid policy has taken a sinister turn after a woman was videos screaming in horror while being dragged into one of the closed-off country's Covid quarantine camps.

In a video that went viral on social media, the woman was filmed surrounded by men in hazmat suits, while others around her are also seen being dragged along the floor and into the camps.

The camps, found all over China, are a cross between a hospital and a prison.

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According to several reports over the last two years, people are dragged into them as soon as they test positive – even though they show no signs of symptoms.

Beds are laid out in rows, while those at the camps are forced to bathe and wash in sinks.

Food is also limited, as is contact with the outside world.

China is currently finding an average of around 1,890 new cases per day across the entire country – with just 5,226 deaths taking place since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The country still has the strictest Covid laws of any other country in the world.

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According to the UK Government's travel advice website: “The Chinese authorities continue to impose various control and quarantine measures across the country.

“This includes restrictions on movement, reduced transport, entry and exit controls for cities, towns and villages, and isolation requirements for travel between different parts of the country. “Lockdowns can be implemented with little warning and may result in disruptions to medical and other basic services, including food delivery.

“You should ensure you have prepared additional supplies of food, water and medication.”

Video footage of the woman being dragged was slammed on social media.

One person posted: “This is so harsh!

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“The Chinese need to stand up because they aren't having any kind of life!

“Where is the UN in all this!”

While another wrote: “Xi Jinping & all of his CCP sheep are tyrannical monsters & will stop at nothing to get what they want.

“No regard for people, animals or the environment – It’s appalling.”

The vast majority of the rest of the world has ditched all forms of Covid restrictions, including in the United Kingdom.

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