Woman blasted by garden hose after yelling ‘white lives matter for 30 minutes’

A man has been filmed hosing an angry woman down after she allegedly yelled "white lives matter" outside his property for half an hour.

The incident was captured by a neighbour living in the area of Oak Hill of Austin, Texas, US and shared to Reddit yesterday.

The viral post read: "My neighbour has a Black Lives Matter sign in her front yard.

"Some crazy lady parks in the middle of the street and starts screaming 'White Lives Matter' for half an hour.

"Had to put the hose on her."

Footage shows a man in a red t-shirt and white short holding a garden hose in his front yard when a woman approaches.

The pair exchange words and the man is heard warning the driver that he will spray her if she steps on his property.

As soon as the woman walks on the lawn, the man turns on the hose and fires it at the woman.

She begins to charge forward but he steps to the side and she falls to the ground as the other neighbours watching laugh.

A neighbour is heard saying behind the camera: "Go home, girl. You're going to lose that battle."

The agitated woman then goes for a second attempt and manages to grab the hose but slipped again by the wet ground.

The homeowner continues to spray her full-force in the face with the water, saying: "Please stay off my property.

"Get off my property."

The video has been upvoted 14,800 times since it was posted yesterday.

One viewer wrote: "One of the few videos that actually made me laugh out loud. The way he just stands there holding it while she’s struggling to stand back up."

Another added: "He out manoeuvred her while holding a hose. Like, she knows he has a limited range and is even slowed down by dragging it around, but she absolutely was obliterated."

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