Woman baffled after finding cocktail sausage on Travelodge bathroom door

A Travelodge guest has been left baffled after checking in to their hotel and making a peculiar discovery in the bathroom.

When you check in to the chain hotel, you usually know what to expect.

But during a recent stay, Twitter user Amy Elizabeth found cocktail sausages speared through the coat hook on the back of the bathroom door.

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Amy, from the North West of England, shared a photo of the confusing discovery with her 2,078 followers on Twitter.

The tweet read: “As we all know, @TravelodgeUK isn’t quite as good as @premierinn, but they did something that no other hotel has!

“They included two little cocktail sausages on the back of the bathroom door! It’s the little touches I guess!

“Watch out Premier Inn, Travelodge are on your tail!”

However, the image has now been seen by nearly 120,000 people and has gained hundreds of likes and retweets since it was posted last Friday (June 9).

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the bizarre and hilarious discovery.

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One user said: “Midnight snack in case you get hungry haha”

Amy responded: “Absolutely! But I think they would need warming up! Might put them on the window sill so they can bask in the sun!”

Another user added: “That’s much better than a towel made into an elephant!”

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“Ingenious!! It’s the perfect snack to enjoy while taking a bath!” a third joked.

Amy responded: “I couldn’t agree more!! I think I might hunt around the bathroom to see if there is any more goodies they have hidden away! I need some pickled onions with those cocktail sausages!”.

A Travelodge spokesperson told the Daily Star: "We are sorry to hear of this guest's recent experience with us. We take customer feedback very seriously and if the guest had informed our hotel team of this matter during their stay, we would have immediately dealt with this.

"It was only brought to our attention via a tweet and we immediately reached out to the guest to obtain further information regarding their stay.

"We are currently carrying out an internal investigation and as we don't have the guests' details if they can contact us, we will happily offer a complimentary stay at one of our 580 hotels nationwide."

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