Woman apologises to driver in way no one would believe after almost being hit

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  • Road rage can be dangerous if it boils over – but one woman appears to have found a technique that nips it in the bud.

    Dashcam footage taken around 1.50pm on July 3 showed the bizarre interaction, which has since set tongues wagging online.

    The video was taken from a vehicle driving in a busy urban setting. All appears to be going smoothly until a pedestrian appears towards the side of the screen.

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    At first all seems to be in hand, but the woman keeps on coming and sweat begins to build on the viewer's brow as, for a split second, this clip looks like it might be a snuff movie.

    Luckily this driver has their wits about them, and no sooner does the anticipation of a red mist in front of the bonnet start to form in the viewer's brain, it fades away as the brakes are slammed and the car is brought down from 42 km/h to a standstill.

    In the end, the vehicle comes to an easy stop, albeit close to the pedestrian – but the woman on foot knows she has made a mistake and forces the vehicle to remain at a halt.

    Rather than get defensive, or even embarrassed, the pedestrian puts out her arms and saunters in front of the car, almost balletically, as if walking an invisible tightrope.

    Squaring up to the bonnet she reaches for her zip and pulls it down, opening her jumper and revealing she isn’t wearing a bra.

    With a jolly grin on her face, she then walks off to go about her day.

    The bizarre clip was posted to Twitter, where it quickly went viral as users had their say on the unusual occurrence.
    "She knew she did wrong and she apologized the best way she could," the video was captioned.

    One person commented below: "This act can save wars."

    “If the camera didn’t capture this no one would believe him,” a second person added.

    “Breast, sorry, I mean best thing she could do to apologize, breast, I mean bless her heart,” chimed in a third.

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