Weekend weather: Break from muggy conditions, latest on possible cyclone

Relief is finally coming from the humidity that has meant a series of sleepless nights for Kiwis in the upper North Island.

Settled conditions are also tipped for the majority of next week after a high-pressure weather system parks up over New Zealand tomorrow.

And in regards to the potential tropical cyclone forming in the tropics, it’s still too early to tell whether it’ll track towards New Zealand to hit just before Christmas.

MetService meteorologist Mmathapelo Makgabutlane says the cold front is bringing in a change of air mass from the south and ultimately, cooler nights.

“We’ve had this air mass from the subtropics, a lot of humid, warm air coming in from northerly and northwesterly winds,” she said.

“This cold front has brought in an air mass from the south so it’s much cooler. We finally get a bit of a relief from those humid and muggy conditions.”

The front made contact with the country yesterday, bringing cool and rainy weather to those in the South Island.

A southwesterly flow behind the front will dictate the weather for the weekend, with showers tipped for those about the coast.

“The central part of the country could see a few showers with the fronts but the bulk of the showers should be about the coastal region,” Makgabutlane said.

Temperatures should remain cooler than average for this time of year and especially cold in the deep south with only 14 to 15 degrees tipped for Southland.

Elsewhere, those in the top of the country can expect the mercury to reach temperatures in the high teens to early twenties.

Tomorrow, a high-pressure system will move onto the country and stick around for the bulk of next week, Makgabutlane says.

“With mostly settled conditions, we could even see a stretch of days with nice fine weather. Things are settling down next week compared to the last couple of weeks.”

Talk of a tropical cyclone hitting New Zealand should be taken with a grain of salt at this stage, Makgabutlane says.

MetService expects it to form between Vanuatu and Fiji this weekend and then probably head south or possibly southwest.

“At this stage, it’s still a bit too uncertain to say what track we think it’s going to follow,” Makgabutlane says.

“Our tropical cyclone meteorologists are keeping a close eye on the development of that one.

“We will keep everybody up to date with regards to that development.”

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