‘Weakened Putin has already lost Ukraine war claims UKs top military officer

A top UK military official has revealed Vladimir Putin has “already lost” his war with Ukraine after making “catastrophic misjudgements”.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin commented on Russia ’s invasion of Ukraine after claiming a document published in March last year revealed Russia was the biggest threat to the UK.

However, Admiral Sir Tony, 56, believes Russia’s difficulties in Ukraine have made the country’s military weaker.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “In many ways, Putin has already lost.

“Far from being the far-sighted manipulator of events that he would have us believe, Putin has damaged himself through a series of catastrophic misjudgements.

“He has failed to recognise how deeply the notions of sovereignty, democracy and national identity have taken root in Ukraine.”

Russia was called “the most acute direct threat to the UK” in a 114-page document called ‘Global Britain in a competitive age: The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy’.

Admiral Sir Tony revealed that the threat of Russia would be met through “collective defence” as part of NATO.

  • Humiliated Russians retreat from Chernobyl nuclear site over 'radiation fears'

His comments come as reports that Russian troops have handed over control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant back to Ukraine.

Russian forces took the plant shortly after their invasion of the country in September.

The UN’s nuclear watchdog said on Thursday it is preparing to send a mission to the radioactive waste facilities at Chernobyl after Ukraine informed it that Russian troops controlling the site had pulled out and the remainder were likely to as well.

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"The IAEA is in close consultations with Ukrainian authorities on sending the Agency's first assistance and support mission to (Chernobyl) in the next few days," the International Atomic Energy Agency said in a statement, adding that Ukraine "presumed" the remaining Russian troops were preparing to leave.

Meanwhile, Putin announced today he had signed a decree ordering 134,500 new conscripts into the army as part of Russia's annual spring draft, but the call-up reportedly has nothing to do with Russia’s struggles in Ukraine.

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