War-mad Vladimir Putin has lost his grip on reality, warns top Russia expert

Russia's war-mad President Vladimir Putin has “lost his grip on reality,” an expert has claimed in a chilling warning to the western world.

As Putin's never-ending invasion of Ukraine approaches its 18th month, the actions of the Russian leader appear to be getting more and more erratic.

From his bizarre stance on banishing and un-banishing the rebel leader of the Wagner Group, to threatening everyone with all-out nuclear war on a regular basis, Putin's position as President is under threat.

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It has already been reported that his inner – and outer – circle were looking at ways to remove him, and now Professor Anthony Glees has exclusively told the Daily Star that the bloke has “lost his grip” on reality.

He said, referencing a speech Putin recently gave claiming that the Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin had “stabbed Russia in the back”: “A mutiny is a revolt of soldiers (the Bounty Mutiny), sailors against their commander (Kiel Mutiny in Nov 1918 pushed Germany out of WW1).

“Prigozhin was the Wagner group's commander, they weren't revolting against him, they were revolting against Putin – not least because he wanted to conscript them as soldiers in his army.

“This is also significant because in his bizarre speech, Putin said Prigozhin had stabbed Russia in the back as had happened to Russia in World War One.

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“The bizarre thing is that the 'stab in the back' in 1917 had come from the Bolsheviks – who are Putin's antecedents.”

The University of Buckingham Professor and world leader in defense analysis, added: “It is as if Putin was pretending he was the heir to Tsarist Russia aligning himself to the wrong regime.

“This tells us a lot about Mad Vlad and his loss of grip.”

The Wagner group under Prigozhin made a return to public life just this week, but is now officially based in Belarus.

The leader confirmed on Telegram the news, and said that they will not be returning to the front line because it is a “disgrace”.

How Putin handles that, however, remains to be seen at this stage.

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