Wanted murderer called police on himself to complain of McDonalds fries

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A disagreement over the state of a McDonald's order has led to the arrest of a man who was wanted in connection with a murder.

Police in Kennesaw, Georgia, apprehended the customer after a minor altercation turned into a police chase after he called the police on himself.

Video footage from a police body cam showed the murder suspect trying out his fries and being less than impressed with the quality of the food, which he complained were "lukewarm".

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The man in the video, identified as Antoine Sims, 24, could be heard saying: "I tried the fries, they were lukewarm, but they weren't hot."

Kennesaw Police officer David Buchanan said: "The owner said he was cursing at him and wanted him to leave and to be issued a criminal trespass warning."

Officers then searched for Sims' name in their database, where they received an alert bringing their attention to a warrant for his arrest.

The arrest warrant was placed on Sims after he was charged with the murder of a woman back in 2018, where her body was found inside a burning car.

Police had been actively searching for three people in relation to the murder, with Sims later captured by US Marshals in Wisconsin.

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Members of law enforcement responding to the scene of the "lukewarm" chips attempted to give Sims a criminal trespass warning, but he took off running.

Of the chase, officer Buchanan said: "As soon as he runs away, the officers begin to chase after him. The officer gives chase for a few seconds and tasers him in the back and he immediately goes to the ground."

Sims is now back in prison, after having complained about the temperature of his McDonald's fries, Fox5 reported.

Buchanan added: "It's very unusual that someone, knowing he is wanted by police, would call the police, but Mr. Sims did that."

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