Waiter with monkeypox almost fainted on the job and feels like walking zombie

A waiter was diagnosed with monkeypox after complaining of exhaustion and developing spots and lumps across his body.

Wesley Williams, 34, works at the Cheshire Oaks and after returning to work the day after a trip to London, the waiter said within the first 30 minutes of his shift he began to break out in spots.

He described himself feeling like a "walking zombie" and while serving customers said he almost collapsed and was subsequently sent home.

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Wesley said he initially felt unwell the day he returned from London where he visited a sauna, but thought his ill health was due to tiredness rather than something more sinister.

Williams spoke to the Liverpool Echo about his health that day and just how bad it got.

"I was completely shattered. I was so knackered I couldn’t stand up properly," he said.

"I was a walking zombie and I really could not move. I had to sit down to take food orders."

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After jokingly mentioning to his manager that he may have monkeypox, a rare infection that’s mainly spread by wild animals in parts of west or central Africa, Williams was sent home and what turned out to be a joke – transformed into reality.

He said: "I thought I was just tired from London so I didn’t say anything straight away. It was my first day back from the trip and within the first hour, I literally nearly collapsed outside.

"The day after I wasn’t tired at all. I was feeling fine but I had started to see some spots appearing around my body.

"I didn’t think anything of it. I joked in work and said 'maybe I’ve got monkeypox' but my manager sent me home to get tested straight away."

Following swabs being taken of his spots, Wesley was in fact confirmed to have monkeypox which the waiter believes he caught in the sauna in London.

Due to suffering from strep throat, Williams could only eat soup for the first week of his diagnosis with the lumps in his body turning into rashes with blisters.

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However, after two weeks and two days Wesley's blisters started to heal and his rash started to calm as he was forced to self-isolate for three weeks. He said his experience with monkeypox was worse than when he had Covid-19.

He said: "Monkeypox drained me more than Covid. When I had Covid, it felt like the sniffly flu to me."

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