Vintage 90s Burger King time capsule uncovered hidden behind shopping mall wall

Builders at a shopping centre were shocked when they took down a wall and stumbled across something they would never have expected behind it.

Officials at the Concord Mall in Delaware were doing some renovation work and were alerted to somewhat of a time capsule behind it.

An image posted on social media site Twitter shows that the wall was covering up an entirely untouched, and in perfect condition branch of Burger King which apparently closed down in around 2009.

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Not just an image of it, but a fully-fitted actual restaurant.

Tom Dahlke, general manager of the centre, told local media that he no “no idea” that it was there.

He said: “It's kind of cool. When I first saw it, I was blown away myself.

“It is kind of cool to have something that nostalgic here in the building.”

But it won't be staying around for long, as he also said that it will be up for rent and “occupied” soon.

However, the mystery of the closed space took a strange turn when, shortly after the photo of it went viral, another used on Twitter – posting under @loserskwaddd – actually revealed that it was being used as a storage room in 2019.

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She took a video of it in 2019.

While the ceiling was left looking a bit worse for wear, the site was in full working order – including bathrooms – with 90s-style seating and flooring seen in the restaurant.

The actual serving area was also still there, although filled with boxes.

And it even had power, as the lights and ceiling fans were showing working.

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She then posted another video, calling the space “creepy”, “f***ing terrifying”, and showed that it even had fully-working old fashion drinks machines, too.

Despite closing in 2009, the décor definitely looks like it was actually from around the mid-1990s

The find was hailed by Twitter users.

One wrote: “It's like stepping out of my 40 y/o self and jumping into my 6 or 7y/o self.

“I never thought I would see a Burger King like this again.

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“Even the soda fountain is still intact – such a fantastic find.”

And another user joked: “By opening his tomb, these fools have brought upon themselves the Curse of the Burger King.”

New Castle County Executive, Matt Meyer, who took a trip to the newly-found site, said: "It kind of feels like it closed yesterday, when you look in the trash here, they didn't empty the trash the last day.

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"I know many of you have been to other malls, very often there are these shops that are closed off.

"It's just another store front in Concord Mall that's being rented out but inside there's something pretty cool."

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