Villagers flee monkey menace as it attacks humans and wrecks cars

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An aggressive monkey has finally been captured after allegedly terrorising villagers in India for months after taking up residence in a nearby abandoned house.

The male grey langur monkey has reportedly been attacking children, damaging cars, and pushing people from their bikes in Panjlasa, Haryana for over two and half months, The Indian Express reports.

But due to India's Wildlife Protection Act preventing harm to the animal, residents were left helpless against the creature, which they have described as a "menace" as hunting it could result in a three-year prison sentence and a ₹25,000 (£250) fine.

Local resident Hina Bakshi told the newspaper: "The langur has become a menace in our village.

"We do not know where it came from, but it has no fear of humans.

"Children are the most vulnerable to attacks. We cannot leave our kids to play in the open even inside our homes."

Other residents claimed that the simian also entered their kitchens to food during its antics.

However, Haryana’s Forest and Wildlife Department finally captured the animal yesterday (March 21) and released it back into its natural habitat.

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Officials said: "It took us more than two hours to rescue the Gray Langur. We had placed a handful of peas along with some bananas in a cage to lure it in.

"The langur, however, did not take the bait for a long time. Later, it followed a stray dog into the cage. As the dog came out of the cage, we shut its iron doors, thereby trapping the animal.

"We then placed a black cloth over the cage and transported the animal from the village to Morni Hills. The animal was later successfully released in the forest."

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