Victorias Secret truck crashes spilling lingerie and lotion across motorway

An interstate highway was closed in Kentucky after a semi crash resulted in Victoria's Secret lingerie and Bath and Body Works lotions spilling across all lanes.

Fort Mitchell Police in Kenton County said the crash was reported just after 12am on Thursday, March 10. The northbound lanes reopened first, followed by the southbound lanes just before 4:30 a.m., dispatchers confirmed.

The driver of the truck suffered a minor injury, dispatchers say and authorities are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash.

Fox19 reported the incident, saying: "SB I-71/75 is closed in NKY until further notice due to a semi crash and shampoo spill."

Pictures from Fox19 on Twitter show hundreds of bottles of lotions and loads of lingerie products across the highways, as workers attempt to clean up the mess.

Traffic was asked to exit the road before the blockage as crews were on the scene to clean up.

The northbound lanes reopened first, then the southbound lanes just before 4.30am, traffic was slowed as it made its way through the incident.

The semi-truck trailer was destroyed, with images showing tow trucks arriving to remove the wreckage alongside a police blockade.

Lauren Artino, the Morning Reporter for Fox 19 jokingly retweeted pictures showing the spilled lingerie and soap saying: "Honestly, not making light of this (and thankfully, no major injuries) but it smells like shampoo/body wash/hairspray out here.

"Like a flowery, powdery smell."

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