Victim of rich paedo art collector could be cheated out of £3m payout

The victim of a wealthy art-collecting paedophile could be cheated out of his court-ordered £3million payout after the guilty party filed for bankruptcy, it has been reported.

Disgraced art collector John Wayne Millwood may dodge having to pay out a record £3million court-ordered settlement for sex abuse crimes.

Millwood, a pathology service boss, began selling or giving away his properties and shares on the same day he was sent to prison in 2016 for sex abuse.

Despite the Tasmanian Supreme Court in Australia awarding $5.313million (£3million) last December to Millwood's victim, referred to as ZAB in court, Millwood may not have to pay out a penny of the court-ordered damages.

A trail of assets worth up to $8million has been tracked back to friends and family of Millwood who have reportedly held onto assets since as early as 2016.

The 76-year-old convicted child sex abuser has been declared bankrupt and the victim known as ZAB faces a long battle to recover assets that were to be honoured under a Supreme Court ruling.

Since the court hearing, Millwood has reportedly transferred assets to companies run by his daughter, to her directly, and to his former partner and her son.

Speaking to The Australian, ZAB called Millwood "morally bankrupt" and said: "Clearly Millwood has the capacity to pay, but he seems to think that in his case, payment of damages awarded by the Supreme Court is optional."

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ZAB continued: "His contempt for the court and for me, the victim of his sexual abuse, is disgraceful."

Abuse from Millwood onto the victim came under the guise of medical examinations and subsequent stalking and harassment, Millwood also threatened to sue the victim and hired private detectives to place witnesses under surveillance.

At the time of the court hearing, Millwood was jailed for a maximum of four years, with ZAB saying the verdict was "a victory for all child abuse survivors."

Millwood was released in 2019 on parole after serving just over half of his sentence, and ZAB is fighting to claw back assets ruled in his favour under the Bankruptcy Act, the Daily Mail reported.

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