USA budget spiraling in battle to surpass and out-innovate China in military superiority

US budget may be 'spiralling' claims expert

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Political scientist and CEO of the United States Studies Centre, Simon Jackman highlighted the difficulties regarding China versus the USA. While speaking on Sky News Australia with Tom Connell, Mr Jackman reflected on the intense financial pressure the US puts on itself to keep up and surpass China. He warned that there will come a point where the US won’t be able to afford its goal of military superiority.

Mr Connell said: “When you talk about the US now, back on the world stage and trying to provide the alternative to China on any number of things.

“Think climate, think infrastructure and the Belt and Road initiative for China.

“But at the same time, America’s budget is spiralling and you can’t get budget bills passed that are going to save money, you can only get spending bills passed.

“Is that day coming when the US will look like it can’t afford to do what it wants to do.”

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Mr Jackman replied, the short answer is yes and went into greater detail about how the US would struggle to compete with China.

He said: “How does the US give voice to its stated ambition to beat and match China.

“You have got the problem of a very expensive way of delivering military presence plus the need to stand up the next generation of technology.

“This is in order to innovate and out-develop China, all of this is incredibly expensive.”

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Mr Jackman also reiterated the difficulty and high cost of being the world’s leading military superpower.

He continued: “It is a ridiculous price tag.

“Sustaining legacy systems, not doing anything innovative, just standing still with its capacity.

“Almost a trillion dollars a year, certainly a trillion dollars a year in Australian currency.

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“Then you have the added challenges of how do you get down the runway faster than China on those next-generation technologies.

“When you factor that in, the price tag just gets higher and higher.

“Can the US do both of those things at once? There is an awful lot at stake for Australia as well in answering that question.”

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